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  • Sanitizing office every 30 minutes
  • Routine sanitizing/disinfecting to all operatories after every patient
  • Cleaning pens, clipboards, chairs, surfaces, door knobs, credit/debit cards, etc.
  • Air Purifiers in all operatories
  • HVAC Filters changed according to manufactures requirements
  • Nightly fogging (disinfecting)

Personal Protective Equitment (PPE):

  • Administrative Staff: Level 1 Face Mask and plexi glass/window seperating patient and staff
  • Clinical Staff: Level 3 or N-95 Face Mask, Gowns, Face Shield, and Protective Eye Wear
  • Doctors: Level 3 and N-95 Face Mask, Gowns, Face Shield, and Protective Eye Wear

Prior to your appointment:

  • Appointment confirmation
  • Update Medical History Online, if needed
  • The day before your appointment we will contact you to complete COVID screening questionnaire. 
When you arrive to the office:
  1. Call the office from your car (802)862-6562
  2. If we are not exceeding the limitation of patients in the waiting room, we will have you come inside
  3. Please wear your facemask and use the handsanitizer provided
  4. Before we bring you back to the operatories, we will take your temperature
  5. Once in the operatory, we wil review the COVID questions one last time